Christian Counselors

Pastoral Counseling is available should you need it.  Contact our Elder Tom Taylor at


Professional care from a licensed Christian therapist is a wonderful and needed option for many today.  

What follows is a list of counselors who identify themselves as Christian.  Inclusion on this list does not equal an endorsement of their beliefs, so please take it upon yourself to vet what they believe to determine your comfortability level.  The name in italics is one whom Immanuel Church has interfaced over the years.



*Quadra Counseling - Beverly (Clinical Director, Cynthia Fisher)

(978) 524-4889


Jim Petipas - Chelmsford



Dori Rhodes - Lexington



Brian Henderson - Chelmsford



Susan Harrington - Westford (second office)



Linda Ware - Lowell



Willowdale Counseling Center - Nashua 



Hope Psychological Services - Lexington   



Please CLICK HERE for a printable list of the above counselors.