Bible Studies

Tuesday Evening Bible Study

Sept. 21st – Nov. 2nd  | 6:30-8:00PM | ZOOM Meeting


1 & 2 Thessalonians: An Engaging God’s Word Study

What will happen when Jesus comes again? What happens when people die? Are these the “end times”? The apostle Paul wrote two letters to the Thessalonians to settle their hearts and minds, and to guide them in confusing times. In this six-lesson study you will learn how to walk in a manner worthy of Christ that will give you confidence when He returns. Engage Bible Studies connect you with the enduring truth of God’s Word. Come out of the clutter and clanging of our culture and discover the peace of meeting the God of the Bible in the pages of His Word. Engage Bible Studies take you verse by verse into the richness of the Scriptures in ways that impact your heart and illumine your mind. You won’t find dry doctrinal debates. You will find simple tools that cultivate your understanding and engage your heart. Tools for transformation. You also will learn how to apply God’s Word in your everyday life. You are beginning an incredible journey!

Contact: Erica Philips 


Thursday Morning Bible Study

Sept. 30th – Nov. 18th  | 6:30-8:00PM | Capernaum Room

The Thursday morning study will do the same study of Thessalonians (as outlined above) as the Tuesday evening class.



Other Activities

Secret Sistersshhh! It’s a Secret!

It's time to be a secret sister again! Won't it be great to know a sister in the Lord is praying for you, especially during these unusual and trying days? God knows how much we ALL need prayer! Even the strongest warrior amongst us needs to be lifted up before the throne of grace.

This year, we need to change things up a bit!  We are asking all of you who want to be a secret sister (...all of you who want someone praying for you!!) to send to Dotty McMillian thru email (or catch her on Sundays at Immanuel) a card with any pertinent information that you think your new secret sister should know:  name, address. email, birthday, prayer concerns, anything else....

Before the end of the first week of October, you will be sent the name of your new secret sister. Keep it secret! Please pray for her often! Try hard to send her a card to encourage her at least once a month! I love getting mail these days (friendly and encouraging mail, that is) and I know you do too.

Stay tune for Fall 2021 launch date.

Contact:  Dotty McMillan