Bible Studies


Tuesdays, February 2 – April 20    |  6:30-8:00PM   |   ZOOM Meeting                      

Joshua & Judges: An Engaging God’s Word Study

The books of Joshua and Judges take you on a journey of contrasts — great courage and knee-shaking cowardice, enduring love and heartless infidelity, God’s faithfulness and Israel’s unfaithfulness. This 12-lesson in-depth study will give you hope as you watch God accomplish His work through the lives of mighty warriors and deeply flawed people. Join us and learn how to apply God’s Word in your everyday life.

Contact: Pam Godfrey - or Pat Shaw -


Other Activities

Secret Sistersshhh! It’s a Secret!

It's time to be a secret sister again! Won't it be great to know a sister in the Lord is praying for you, especially during these unusual and trying days? God knows how much we ALL need prayer! Even the strongest warrior amongst us needs to be lifted up before the throne of grace.

This year, we need to change things up a bit!  We are asking all of you who want to be a secret sister (...all of you who want someone praying for you!!) to send to Dotty McMillian thru email (or catch her on Sundays at Immanuel) a card with any pertinent information that you think your new secret sister should know:  name, address. email, birthday, prayer concerns, anything else....

Before the end of the first week of October, you will be sent the name of your new secret sister. Keep it secret! Please pray for her often! Try hard to send her a card to encourage her at least once a month! I love getting mail these days (friendly and encouraging mail, that is) and I know you do too.

God willing, in the late spring of 2021, we will have 'The Great Reveal" and you will find out who has been praying for you!

Contact:  Dotty McMillan